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      Main chemical reagents, plastics additives, food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical raw materials.

      ABOUT US


      Wezhou Chemistry Material Factory was established in 1975. Which was the first group indicated factory produced Chemistry Reagent. We have been standing director unit of Chinese Chemical Reagent Industrial Association, deputy chairman unit of Zhejiang Chemical Reagent Association, communication committee member of Chemical Reagent Branch of National Chemical Technical Committee for Standardization. The unit has been authorized “Key Enterprise” by Lucheng Government and “Key Trademark Protection Unit” by Industry Commercial Bureau
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      Contact us
      Address:No.33 Area, Yanjiang Industry Park, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China.
      Tel:+86-577-88795800, 88799961,88799963,88799960,88799962
      E-mail: sales@cnjxchem.com lsy@cnjxchem.com
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